• Reykjavik Photo Postcards - be-poles
  • Reykjavik Photo Postcards - be-poles
  • Reykjavik Photo Postcards - be-poles
  • Reykjavik Photo Postcards - be-poles

Reykjavik Photo Postcards



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  • 10 mini photos by Martin Bruno - part of the Postcards from the Edge collection.

    These images were taken in winter around the numerous swimming pools in Reykjavik heated using natural hydrothermal gas. It was around 3pm in mid-December and the wind picked up and transformed the water surface." Macao, Hong Kong, Tokyo, the Arizona desert, the Faeroe Islands or the wilderness of Iceland: Martin Bruno is best described as a roaming photographer. Reporting from his solitary journeys, he captures landscapes, hills, prairies and faces by chance, during their brief and fragile moment of “illumination”. From one moment of grace to another, he has compiled a personal portfolio inspired by the beauty that exists everywhere in the world. A dedicated user of the darkroom, he often works in a medium format: “The film I use, standard yellow Kodak, can turn into ingots of gold in my secret laboratory. As I travel, I covet them, fantasizing about what I might be able to achieve with them on my return.”
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« To create projects, to support others. To keep the passion and the envy to produce. be-pôles is a small ideas laboratory that, modestly, aims at leaving a beautiful trace.»
This is how Antoine Ricardou describes his project born in Paris in 2000 with the help of Clémentine Larroumet with the sole goal of the construction of a strong and lasting identity.

be-pôles aims at creating and developing harmonious and innovative graphical approaches, while respecting the brand's identity.
The studio does not follow ephemeral trend, but is always looking for a responsible and durable approach.
Thanks to their sobriety and elegance, their typography mastery and their innate sense of harmony, they have had the opportunity to conceive the graphical identity of some of the iconic lifestyle places, either in Paris or in New York, such as Merci, Le Silencio or LeNoMad Hotel; but also of some cultural institutions such as The Champs-Elysées' Playhouse or the Pierre Bergé Yves Saint Laurent foundation.

Being always full of innovative ideas, be-pôles also develops its own projects, by taking care of calling things by their real names.
That is why you can shop Le Ruban Adhésif, Le Sac en Papier, Le Crayon, Les Portraits de Villes (etc.) and hiding behind an appearing simplicity, those items reveal a real sense of humor and creativity.


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